Summer Camp Party! Kids Scout Adventure

Do you know what camping means? It means freedom! Freedom to explore, play and have exciting fun! Come on kids, join us for a fun outdoor adventure day! 


So hurry now! The sun is shining, the weather is warm and lovely, what can be better than your own little camping trip in the big outdoors? Download it for free and play instantly!

Many fun activities to complete! 
> Go fishing!
> Catch your own fresh and delicious seafood and start campfire for a fun barbecue! 
> Make candies at the factory to bring back to your friends and family!
> Go on a mini forest fairy tale adventure
> Go play on shell beach! 
> Help clean up and fix up the sandy playground!
> Many MORE fun outdoor games to play! 

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to take care of the baby girl.
- Complete all the activities to go to the next stage
- Tons of educational mini games to play
- Play and share with family and friends for MORE FUN!